Vaporetto Ticket Machines


If you didn’t pre-book transit passes via (purchase them up to 4 days in advance) or need to retrieve a VeniceCard, you can avoid long lines waiting to buy vaporetto tickets and passes by taking advantage of the Automatic Ticket Points located at the major vaporetto stops (Piazzale Roma and the train station as of this writing, with more locations to come).


They may not be obvious, but they are big. It may take some studying to understand precisely what to do to get what you want. But they are in the shade, speak English, and even with whatever amount of orientation they might require, in high season you’ll still likely get your tickets quicker than standing in the long (and they can be long), sometimes too-sunny lines leading to the ticket booths.

Some additional notes:

  • You’ll be guided through the steps of how to choose and pay for your ticket(s) by a touch-screen in the language of your choice;
  • You can pay with a debit or credit card, but have cash as a backup, it can be finicky about foreign credit cards.
  • You can buy a single fare, but if that’s all you intend to purchase, best to buy it directly on the vaporetto (tell the attendent as soon as you board, though). There is no advantage to purchasing in advance;
  • If you have an Imob CartaVenezia, you can top it off there as well;
  • If you pay with cash, note that the maximum change available is €9.95.

For any question on this and any transport-related services, contact HELLOVENEZIA: on there website or by calling +39 041 2424 from 8a – 8p daily.


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