Venice Vaporetto Guide

Why do I need a vaporetto? I love to walk!

Don’t worry, you’re in Venice. Since you only have a choice of two forms of transport (your feet, and a boat) you’ll have plenty of opportunity to walk. And walk…and WALK. But even the hardiest of striders can wear out, especially if you’re bent on exploring the remotest nooks and crannies, and a ride back to your lodging can offer welcome relief to your stone-worn feet. That, and sometimes a vap can just ferry you across the canal to the next destination on the must-see list—and if you want to reach the splendid San Giorgio Maggiore or the islands of Murano or Torcello…you’ll need the vap.

The idea, though, is to make sure you use the system to your advantage, and to do that you’ll need just a little heads up on how it works. Don’t worry, public transit systems have a lot in common, so once you’ve grasped a few key points, you ‘ll be off and…riding.


actv_mapThe ACTV runs the public transit system of Venice, and includes both land buses and water transport (the larger craft are called vaporetto, and were once steam-powered). The system can be confusing even for locals, owing to the extensive routes and schedules created to serve both residents and travelers, and the scarcity of available published information in various languages.

We’ve tried to provide the essential info required to navigate the system: enough to be complete, but not too much to be overwhelming.

Keep in mind that due to changing conditions (construction, strikes, fog, acqua alta, etc. etc.), anything here is subject to change, for an hour, a day, or longer, including stops, lines, and landings. Develop the habit of verifying your destination with attendants as you board.

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