The VeneziaUnica City Pass

Create your personal pass to the city at helps you to avoid both lines and the highest prices for Venice’s most popular services and venues. Create your personalized VeneziaUnica card in advance and load it with transit passes, airport transfers, museum and churche passes, Teatro Fenice tours, parking, Rolling Venice youth discounts, and more.

You can reserve parking, purchase public transit passes (from 12 hours to 7 days, good for ACTV vaporetto & land buses, no discount), Alilaguna airport transfers, museum passes, and paid toilet service and Wi-fi access (outdoor access only at this time) by the day or the week. Casinò entrance is included with any purchase. More services and booking options may be added as time goes on.

Once you select your services and complete your purchase, you’ll be issued a unique PNR, much like the airlines provide for their flights. Keep this code and present either directly, for parking or the museums, or at a Venice Unica ticket points at the city entrances to convert the PNR to tickets for other services:  the airport, train station, Piazzale Roma, and Tronchetto. (Your PNR may also be presented at any Alilaguna ticket point to obtain that transfer ticket.)

Using the VeniziaUnica Site

Site usage is fairly straightforward, though there’s a lot to review before making decisions. Once you have an idea of the services you’d like, you’ll add a card for each traveler in your group, select a service/product, assign it to a card, and add to cart…and repeat. Once you’ve got all your the activities/products loaded on to all your cards, you pay.

  • Review available services…which are plentiful.
  • You’ll need to create a card for each traveler. Click “Add card.” .
  • On the next screen, use the tabs along the top to select from the service groups: Transit, Parking, Museums, etc. Both the full and discounted prices are displayed for each option (unfortunately, Transit cards are no longer discounted).
    NOTE: You will need to add each service to each traveler’s card in your group.
  • Casinò entrances are free with purchase of any other service); just add them to your cart.
  • Make your payment, and receive your PNR, just as if you were booking an airline flight, for example. Then,
  • have the PNR handy when you arrive in Venice: for transit services, head for the Venice Unica ticket point or machine; for parking and museums, show your PNR on-site.

ATTENZIONE! If by chance you lose your PNR, never fear! Just call VeneziaUnica, +39 041 24 24 and select the appropriate option. They will search with your last name and arrival date, and will be able to fax or e-mail a copy to you or your hotel.

WORTH NOTING: Keep in mind that “reduced” is for those under 30 and over 65. Also, for Alilaguna airport transport items, “return” is British English for “round-trip.”

Keep track of your purchases in the cart that’s continuously displayed on the right side of the screen, and when you’re ready click Check Out. You’ll complete your purchase with a credit card, then receive your PNR and additional instructions at the e-mail you provide.

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