Current Gondola fares

gondola_pricesAs of the last update in 2009, here are the current, standard prices for a gondola ride for one to six people, 40 minutes. The most pleasant rides will be from stations beyond the San Marco area (San Tomà, for example), as there will be fewer gondole jamming the narrow canals.

Gondola prices should also be posted (see the note clipped to the front of the gondola in the photo).

Prices are per gondola, from one to six people:

            • 40 minutes, 8 am – 7 pm: €80; each additional 20 mins: €40
            • 40 minutes, 7 pm – 8 am: €100; each additional 20 mins: €50

A variety of travel agencies offer group fares; you can inquire about groups or other special requests at any gondola station (San Tomà, San Sofia, etc.) as well. See the official Ente Gondola site for a complete list along with standard prices and other information.

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