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VeniceConnected: purchase up to 4 days in advance

VeniceConnected.com was first introduced to allow visitors to obtain significant discounts on transit passes, museum entrances, and more if they were purchased in advance from their website. In the beginning, travelers had to decide and purchase at least two weeks in advance of their arrival; it wasn’t long after that the advance-purchase time was reduced to seven days in advance.

Now, getting those discounts is even more convenient: purchase up to four days in advance and they’re yours.

They’re substantial, too — so if you know you’ll be visiting certain museums, riding the vaporetto (you will), or taking advantage of the other services they offer, you have even more time to make up your mind.

For more info and to make your purchase, see VeniceConnected.com

Venice Connected announces 7-day advance purchase

veniceconnected_calendar.pngJust announced: to more travelers to take advantage of discounts available to those who are planning last minute trips, VeniceConnected has reduced their advance-purchase requirement to only 7 days. Many people plan months ahead, but for those who find a last-minute flight at an irresistible price, this makes a Venetian visit that much more irresistible…and affordable. For details, visit VeniceConnected.com.