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Spring ACTV vaporetto schedule updates

The following is a summary of the principal adjustments in the ACTV vaporetto schedule, in effect as of April 1, 2009.

Connection with Vallaresso until 8:30 p.m.; with the doubling of the number of trips between Rialto and Valleresso.

LINE 5 direct to Murano from San Zaccaria: from 10.14 until 12.14, and from 13.14 until 16.54, a boat departs every 20 minutes.

Line LN – Laguna Nord, the north lagoon line

  • From F.Nove to Treporti and from S.Zaccaria MVE to P.Sabbioni, boats depart every half-hour, with an hourly connection from P.Sabbioni to Burano and vice-versa.
  • There is an additional departure from F.Nove for Burano at 8:10.

There is a new Line 15 that runs from direct between Venezia and P.Sabbioni during rush hour.

Line 11
There is now a regular stop at Pellestrina Caroman for ten pairs of courses.

The Fusina line hours have been extended to about 8,30 p.m.

For a two handy schedule documents, download the current ACTV Vaporetto Timetables from the Illustrata Press portable Vap Map web site.