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Festa del Mosto on the Island of Sant’Erasmo

Picture 1.pngThis Sunday on the island of Sant’Erasmo will be no different than the first Sunday in October of any other year: it’s when the annual Festa del Mosto (grape must), is held.

You’ll find a lot more than partially fermented grape juice at the day-long festival, however. There’s a market with local products along with stands offering a variety of “cucina tipica” that include ribs, sausages, primi like risotto and pasta, and seasonal dishes from fresh vegetables produced on the garden isle.

Live music will add to the festive atmosphere, and a regatta in mascareta (a two-person, male and female crew) starting on the canal opposite the Massimiliana Tower will finish in front of the festival at the Chiesa stop.

The evening brings the main attraction, a public grape pressing and the chance to taste the fresh salsa it produces.

Festa del Mosto, Isola di Sant’Erasmo
Sunday, October 5, Island of Sant’Erasmo
To reach the festival:
From Fondamenta Nuove, take vaporetto Line 13 to the Sant’Erasmo Chiesa stop.


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