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Murano Glass: History without the Hard Sell

Experience the fascinating story behind the art glass of Murano in a multifaceted tour for €16,50

Too, too many travelers cruise into town, having heard something about Murano Glass, perhaps reading a blurb in their guidebook, wondering whether it would merit a few precious hours of their limited time to delve further. Up to now their choices have been either a “free” taxi offered along the Riva or at their lodging (never recommended), hiring an expensive private guide, or visiting on their own and hoping for the best. If you don’t know filigrano from sommerso, Seguso from Tagliapietra, or murrine from conterie from perle…where do you start?

Never fear, you now how have a quality, reasonably-priced alternative for discovering the fascinating, multi-dimensional beauty of Murano art glass. The Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia has teamed up with the Abate Zanetti Scuola del Vetro to offer GLASS in ACTION, an in-depth, multifaceted look at the Murano glass from its origins to the present day.

This creative tour recounts the story of glass “in reverse.” You’ll begin at the Museo del Vetro, viewing glass artifacts from ancient Rome, an extensive representation of the glass making process, the finished works of Renaissance Murano, and the expanded creativity modern masters, in all of their skillful and artistic complexity. You’ll then “return” to experience glass as artistic medium, “molten mass, unformed and uncolored,” at the Scuola del Vetro, for a glass working demonstration with a master vetraio, and the viewing of a short documentary film.

The image of Murano and its glass have suffered in recent decades with scandals of non-stop corruption, imitation glass, price-gouging, and more. It’s a pleasure to see the Musei offering the traveler the possibility to learn more about an art form that is as compelling for its history as it is for the beauty and variety displayed in the artisans’ works.

Perhaps it will become as popular as the Doge’s Palace Secret Itineraries, who knows?


Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2:30 (In English, check site times for Italian and other languages)

The €16.50 fee INCLUDES
. admission to the Museo del Vetro (Glass Museum)
. 40-minute museum tour with a specialized guide
. glassworking demonstration
. screening of documentary film at the Scuola del Vetro furnace “Abate Zanetti”

No need to reserve in advance, however: you must book the second half of the visit (the furnace) at the ticket office immediately on arrival for the Museum tour.

Questions and info:
. call center 84 80 82 000
. from abroad +39 041 4273 0892

images courtesy Musei Civici and the Scuola di Vetro