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Living Venice blog seeks to support a broader perspecitive of the city: beyond the gondola, beyond the spritz, beyond San Marco. Because it is not a strictly commercial site, it attracts discriminating travelers from all over the world, and through your sponsorship you demonstrate that you support those values as well.

Nan McElroy is Living Venice’s creator, editor, and primary contributor/photographer. Living Venice has also begun to includes voices from elsewhere in the city and around Italy, including Italian writers with a particular expertise, in the hopes of broadening interest and nurturing connection between writers who perhaps are not fluent in English, but will still be of interest to readers.

Details, Details.

Living Venice has been on the web since 2004 and offers unique insight into all aspects of life in Venice, for travelers and long-distance readers. The site averages 8,000 to 12,000 hits per month.

On Alexa, LivingVeniceBlog ranks 392,000 worldwide and 45,400 in the United States. The top five countries that Living Venice visitors come from are the U.S., Italy, Australia, the Netherlands, India, and the United Kingdom.

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Invesp Blog Rank: Although their data needs updating, ( is still 29th on the Invesp blogRank list of Top 100 Italy Blogs; Compete rates the site in the top five for Venice.

Living Venice has incoming links of over 145 sites and is also listed in Alltop, an aggregator of weekly rankings of top independent blogs about travel.

This website also utlizes social media: on Twitter@livingvenice has over 1,130 followers. On Facebook, the number of LivingVenice fans is 250+ and growing.

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If you’re like to sponsor Living Venice, send an e-mail to livingvenice (AT) gmail (DOT) com with information about you and your website/brand, and which type of sponsorship  you’d be interested in. I look forward to setting up an sponsorship that works for you.