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Why sponsor Living Venice?

Living Venice blog seeks to support a broader perspecitive of the city: beyond the gondola, beyond the spritz, beyond San Marco. Because it is not a strictly commercial site, it attracts discriminating travelers from all over the world, and through by sponsorship you demonstrate that you support those values as well.

Living Venice has also begun to include voices from elsewhere in the city including local writers with particular expertise in the hopes of broadening interest and nurturing connection between writers who perhaps are not fluent in English, but still have something to say.

We offer a variety of sponsorships for the site, all quite reasonable, so please write for more info and we’d be happy to get back with complete information.

Please note: Living Venice does not accept text ads or exchange links. The Friend&Favorites section is created from personal relationships and are not paid links. We do offer sponsored ads on that page, however, so please write if you might be interested.