Italy: Instructions for Use

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There are many excellent guidebooks and web sites dedicated to Italian travel — but the information they provide on where to go and what to do can be overwhelming. With all the studying and planning required just to complete your itinerary, it’s impossible to expect us to memorize everything else we’ll need to know once we arrive — especially with no language, and no frame of reference whatsoever. Our choice is either to try to remember all the important details we found on that great web site weeks before we left, or search for them in the two-pound guide (that you inevitably left back at the hotel)…or wing it.

Italy: Instructions for Use was created precisely to fill this gap: it’s light and portable, and can be shoved into any pocket or purse without weighing you down, yet packed with information you’ll not find anywhere else. It’s color-coded to help you quickly find what you need, at the moment you need it. Written by an in-country expert and traveler who’s fluent in the language, the Instructions leaves the “what” to the other guidebooks, and instead concentrates on the “how” and “why” that will add so much to your experience as you explore this marvelous country on your own.

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ITALY: Instructions for Use
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