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“…attractively-priced, easy to purchase, easy to use…”
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“An indispensible tool…”

Vaporetto lines are updated only infrequently, but if an update occurs within a year of your Vap Map purchase date, just let us know and we will resend the link to download the latest version. Last update: 9 November, 2019

Now you know where they go.

centro-linean1 Getting a handle on the vaporetto system is a must when traveling to Venice: take in more of the city, get off the beaten path, all without wearing your feet to a pulp. The system can be confusing even for locals, however, and the maps provided by the ACTV can be confusing to a novice. Too often, when you’ve finally acquired your vaporetto “lagoon legs,” it’s time to leave.

Enter the VAP MAP Vaporetto Guide: the most convenient way to make sure you never miss the boat. The Vap Map is indispensable for helping you get the most out of the limited time you have in the city.

Download and print the version of the VAP MAP that’s right for you – only $1.95

The Vap Map Vaporetto Guide, available in two print sizes.

The one-and-only Vap Map pocket vaporetto guide has been retooled and revised to better suit your travel needs. There are two sizes:

  • Regular: pocket sized, with four pages and four maps per page; and
  • Large, half-page sized, with two maps per page and the largest type.

In addition, an Intro and Overview for how to use the vaporetto system is included as a separate PDF document.

Whether you’re an independent traveler here for a few days or a few months, a student studying abroad, or descending from a cruise ship for a brief visit, the Venice Vap Map is an indispensable tool that will have you navigating the vaporetto like a local.

Accurate, Complete, Portable, Easy to Understand

“I found the Vap Map to be an indispensable tool… It was our first time [to Venice], and it made all the difference in our ability to get around efficiently. I would highly recommend it…for the first time visitor or seasoned Venice traveller.”
– Jason O., USA

“If only I’d had the Vap Map when I first started coming to Venice. I wouldn’t have waited ages standing at the wrong Rialto stop…”
– Jackie B., U.K.

“…what a difference it makes to walk to the CORRECT landing at a [massive] stop like San Zaccaria…”
– Andy S., USA

“We [bought] a 72-hour pass so we could tour the lagoon islands and enjoy the full Grand Canal experience. We spent much of that time consulting your Vap Map and would highly recommend its concise format and helpful content!
– Jennifer S., USA

“Very useful,  and a good value…”
– Nigel W., U.K.

Millions of tourists miss seeing much of Venice or just pay too much for vaporetto tickets,because there’s no time to understand the system before they use it. The Vap Map solves the problem, packing all you need to know about the vaporetto into custom-sized map:

  • It’s current: because it’s an electronic document, we’re able to update it as changes occur.
  • It’s handy: download, print, and fold one into a size you can stash in a pocket (Regular) or bag (Large), to reference anytime to find just the route you need.
  • It’s available in two paper sizes so you can get the perfect fit, either letter-sized, 8.5 x 11″, or A4. Just select the format that’s right for you.
  • Choose from two print sizesRegular (folds to the quarter page ‘,passport’ pocket size: four maps to a page, medium type, four pages), or Large (single fold, two maps to a page, regular type, seven pages).

No matter what size you choose, each Vap Map includes:

  • Downloadable pages with individual maps of each line and route, grouped logically:
    – City-center routes
    – Routes that travel around Venice proper, and
    – those that cross the lagoon—including Alilaguna lines to the airport.
  • Instructions for use and reminders to help you travel like a local from the first time you board.
  • Common vaporetto vocabulary translated into English
  • Layouts of the 10 largest and most confusing landing group configurations: San Zaccaria, Piazzale Roma, Fondamente Nove, Lido, and more.
  • If a new version is issued between the time you purchase and when you leave, just request a new link to download the updated version.

Select the Vap Map size that’s right for you.

Map size Letter (8.5×11″) A4
REGULAR Folds to 1/4 page size
Four maps per page
Four pages
Regular type
vapthumb_4up.jpg Buy Now Buy Now
LARGE Folds in half-page size
Two maps per page
Seven pages
Larger type
vapthumb_2up.jpg Buy Now Buy Now

Your choice, $1.95. Download immediately after purchase.

No Paypal account required. Secure transactions will be processed by Paypal using the credit card of your choice or your existing Paypal account. Your transaction payment will be made to Illustrata Press.


You will be able to download your Vap Map immediately after purchase; you’ll have 48-hours or three attempts, whichever comes first. If you have any problems or are not satisfied with your purchase, just contact Illustrata Press at for assistance, or even a full refund.

To fold for easiest use:

  • For the Large maps, fold pages in half for easier portability.
  • For the Regular, quarter-page maps: fold length-wise first (map side out), then in half again keeping the fold on the left and the Instructions on the outside/front. You will open and close the map like a book.

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