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If you’re traveling to Venice, these options will definitely enrich your stay.

Canal Grande, coming to an iPad near you.

Venice Grand CanalYou would think, looking at the continuous images of each side of the Canal Grande, that photographer Daniele Resini went out and took one loooooong photo of each side of the entire canal all on the same day.


Instead, this labor of iPad love took three years to precisely compose numerous images to look like one practically endless one. Swipe from one end of each side of the Grand Canal to the other, or tap the map to jump directly to any palace anywhere along the canal. Each palace and location is named so before long, you’ll be reciting their names like a local.

There’s also a really fun set of extras, a series of chopped up image puzzles that you maneuver by hand to recompose in their original form. Just the thing to keep the kids busy in the vap while you gaze out the window at Venetian scene slipping lazily by. Palazzo Bembo, for the prince? And you thought Bembo was just a font…

From the incomparable, indefatigable Michela Scibilia Teolinda team.

See more about it on iTunes.

Get the Vap Map

“…attractively-priced, easy to purchase, easy to use…”
“…its a shame its not in all the travel books.”
“An indispensible tool…”

If you purchased your Vap Map within a year of any update,
please let us know and we will resend the link to download the latest version.

Now you know where they go.

centro-linean1 Getting a handle on the vaporetto system is a must when traveling to Venice: take in more of the city, get off the beaten path, all without wearing your feet to a pulp. The system can be confusing even for locals, however, and the maps provided by the ACTV are barely comprehensible. Too often, should you eventually get your vaporetto “lagoon legs,” it’s time to leave.

Enter the VAP MAP Vaporetto Guide: the most convenient way to make sure you never miss the boat, and an indispensable too to help you get the most out of the limited time you have.

Download and print the version of the VAP MAP that’s right for you – only $1.95

The Vap Map Vaporetto Guide: available in three print sizes.

The one-and-only Vap Map pocket vaporetto guide has been retooled and revised to better suit your travel needs. It now comes in three sizes:

  • Mini: wallet-sized, with two pages and eight maps per page;
  • Regular: passport sized, with four pages and four maps per page; and
  • Large, half-page sized, with two maps per page and the largest type.

Plus, each download includes the Intro and Overview from this site as a separate PDF document.

Whether you’re an independent traveler here for a few days or a few months, a student studying abroad, or descending from a cruise ship for a brief visit, the Venice Vap Map is an indispensible tool that will have you nagivating the vap like a local.

Accurate, Complete, Portable, Easy to Understand

“I found the Vap Map to be an indispensable tool… It was our first time [to Venice], and it made all the difference in our ability to get around efficiently. I would highly recommend it…for the first time visitor or seasoned Venice traveller.”
– Jason O., USA

“If only I’d had the Vap Map when I first started coming to Venice. I wouldn’t have waited ages standing at the wrong Rialto stop…”
– Jackie B., U.K.

“…what a difference it makes to walk to the CORRECT landing at a [massive] stop like San Zaccaria…”
– Andy S., USA

“We [bought] a 72-hour pass so we could tour the lagoon islands and enjoy the full Grand Canal experience. We spent much of that time consulting your Vap Map and would highly recommend its concise format and helpful content!
– Jennifer S., USA

“Very useful,  and a good value…”
– Nigel W., U.K.

Millions of tourists miss seeing much of Venice or just pay too much for vaporetto tickets, because there’s no time to understand the system before they use it. The Vap Map solves the problem, packing all you need to know about the vaporetto into custom-sized map:Vap Map - cover, actual size

  • It’s current:because it’s an electronic document, we’re able to update it as changes occur.
  • It’s handy: download, print, and fold one into a size you can stash in a wallet (Mini), pocket (Regular), or bag (Large), to reference anytime you need to find the route you need.
  • It’s available in two paper sizes so you can get the perfect fit, either letter-sized, 8.5 x 11″, or A4. Just select the format that’s right for you.
  • Choose from three print sizes: Mini (folds to wallet size, 8 maps to a page, two pages, smallest type), Regular (folds to passport size, four maps to a page, medium type, four pages) or Large (single fold, two maps to a page, regular type, seven pages).

No matter what size you choose, each Vap Map includes:

  • Downloadable pages with individual maps of each line and route, grouped logicially: City-center routes, those that encircle Venice, and those that cross the lagoon,
  • Instructions for use and reminders to help you travel like a local from the first time you board.
  • Common vaporetto vocabulary translated into English
  • The ten most confusing landing group configurations: San Zaccaria, Piazzale Roma, Fondamente Nove, Lido, and more.
  • If a new version is issued between the time you purchase and when you leave, just request a new link to download the updated version.

Choose the Vap Map size that’s right for you.

Map size Letter (8.5×11″) A4
MINI Folds to wallet-size
Eight maps per page
Two pages total
Smallest type
vapthumb_mini.jpg Buy Now Buy Now
REGULAR Folds to passport size
Four maps per page
Four pages
Regular type.
vapthumb_4up.jpg Buy Now Buy Now
LARGE Folds in half-page size
Two maps per page
Seven pages
Larger type.
vapthumb_2up.jpg Buy Now Buy Now

Your choice, $1.95. Download immediately after purchase.

No Paypal account required. Secure transactions will be processed by Paypal using the credit card of your choice or your existing Paypal account. Your transaction payment will be made to Illustrata Press.


You will be able to download your Vap Map immediately after purchase; you’ll have 48-hours or three attempts, whichever comes first. If you have any problems or are not satisfied with your purchase, just contact Illustrata Press at for assistance, or even a full refund.

FOLDING INSTRUCTIONS for easiest map access:

  • For the Large maps, fold pages in half for easier portability.
  • For the Regular, passport-sized maps: fold length-wise first (map side out), then in half again keeping the fold on the left and the Instructions on the outside/front. You will open and close the map  like a book.
  • Follow these folding instructions to create the Mini pocket Vap Map.


The Venetian Vine

It’s late afternoon. You’ve had an exciting day, exploring and absorbing the city, and you’re ready to relax and recount your experiences with your companions over a nice glass of vino. You ease into an enoteca and review the list scrawled on the chalkboard…

Malvasia? Cesanese? Greco di Tufo? Schiop…schioppe…? You turn to the barista and sheepishly order red wine; they, sensing your anxiety, suggest a Chianti, knowing this is something you might recognize. *Whew* Crisis averted.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You’ve come too far to drink the very same wines you’d find back home – especially when that means you’ll be missing out on some of the best and most exciting Italy has to offer, many of which never leave the region, let alone the country.

The Venetian Vine is a different sort of wine tasting: informative and unpretentious, it’s designed to introduce you to the regions, native varieties, and diverse terriors that combine to produce some of the most delightful, impressive, and interesting wines in Italy. The focus is on distinctive wines from small producers, chosen specifically for their quality and variety. As you taste, you’ll also learn how to choose the best Italian wines no matter where you’re traveling, as well as once you’re back home.

In fact, after experiencing the Venetian Vine, you’ll be the one recommending Schioppettino…we guarantee it!


  • Tasting of 6 wines, chosen according to season and theme.
  • Lively, informative explanations by a native English speaker and professional sommelier, with materials for remembering the wines you experienced during the tasting
  • Gourmet antipasti selections to compliment the wines
  • 5 p.m. – 7 p.m., Tuesdays and Fridays (other days and times possible on request)

€70 per person
Max 6 people – larger groups by reservation on request.

Visit the Venetian Vine

Venice 101

Oh, Toto…I don’t think we’re even in Italy anymore.

Venice is not just any city. The streets are made of water, there’s not a right angle to be found, and the system of convoluted alleyways can be difficult to navigate even for a local. That’s why having a personal, practical, on-site introduction can make all the difference in how enjoyable the rest of your stay can be.

VENICE 101 begins with an e-mail containing detailed arrival instructions according to your lodging and your means: air, train, or car — even how to save money on travel passes. We’ll track your actual arrival and arrange to meet you shortly thereafter. Instead of wandering about, though, we’ll choose the perfect spot in your specific neighborhood (likely a nearby cafe) to sit, chat, and orient you to the city.

We’ll dot your map with locations for any activities you already have scheduled, make suggestions for things to keep an eye out for as you wander. We’ll have eating tips of all types, and make reservations if you’d like (definitely for your first night). We’ll include a complete explanation of the vaporetto and traghetto and how best to take advantage of them. We’ll tell you of any last minute goings-on, answer any specific questions, and include insider recommendations – all according to you personal interests and mode of travel.


  • a highlighted city map
  • transport system explanation and orientation, including nearest vaporetto stops & the Vap Map
  • vaporetto explanation with exclusive Venice Vaporetto Guide & cheat sheet
  • the current Venice guide and calendar from the TI, with hours, openings, and current events
  • dinner recommendations and reservations
  • suggestions for how best to organize your time according to your interests and itinerary
  • pointing out of convenient vaporetto and gondola ferry locations

We include coordinated city-wide explanations between maps and principal thoroughfares, shortcuts, navigation tips along orientation keys and landmarks, ways to get un-lost, along with shopping tips, current exhibitions, along with notable enoteche, eateries, favorite gelato bars, and more.


  • 1.5 hour meeting
  • arrival tracking
  • detailed arrival advice and instructions
  • maps and other materials
  • vaporetto and city orientation
  • expert eating recommendations from pizza to alta cucina

COST (kids don’t count when calculating number of people):

1-2 pp:       €85
3-4 pp:       €100
5-6 pp:       €115

Additional time available at €25 per half-hour (1 – 6 pp).