Sirens announce “code red” high tide.

140 cm is a very high acqua alta tide warning…and the four ascending tones (the maximum number) tell you so:

They sounded at about 8:15 p.m. this evening, between three and and half hours prior to when the tide’s expected to peak. It’s a dramatic tide, and a bit early in the season; the rain and wind have stepped right in to make sure that promise is fulfilled. Though there’s little abnormal about the weather anymore; last year there were so few high tides we were beginning to think they’d subsided for good. Of course there was no snow for skiing either, which it didn’t sit well with winter wonderlanders at all.

That, and the next high tide will still be nothing to sniff at, 130cm that will peak at 10:5o, still accompanied by rain and diminishing winds. This is what we’re expecting tonight; the ISTAT site will bring it to you in real time.

While not at all pleasant, and in many cases labor intensive (two friends have been working in ground level stores and apartments and storerooms to get merchandise and furnishings up and away from the water’s intrusion), it pales in comparison with the devastation and havoc Sandy wreaked along the U.S. eastern seaboard. As water begins to seep under the downstairs entryway door from the calle even now, I consider myself quite lucky.


4 thoughts on “Sirens announce “code red” high tide.

  1. Susie L

    Nan, thanks for posting this! Yes, last year was more about acqua bassa it seemed.

    So 140cm tonight, but only receding to 105cm before creeping back up to 130cm?!? I hope you stay warm and dry.

    1. Living Venice Post author

      Tide reached 143cm at 1:40am, 165cm at Chioggia! Sirens just went off again, now the forecast is for 140cm at 11:30. The sound (announced with an Air Raid siren, ugh) is just so…doleful…

  2. Susie L

    I love the recording and yes, it is doleful. I myself have only heard 2 tones.

    Hmmm, is all this acqua alta affecting people’s i morti visits?

  3. Murissa Maurice

    I just heard about this on the local news.
    Such odd and devastating weather afflicting much of the world.
    Here in BC it has been mostly rain for the past two weeks.
    Of course Sandy what some have called the “frankenstorm” was such a devastating hurricane out East. Then of course the Venice’s flooding which I’ve heard has happened before and does quite often but usually not this high. Global warming?
    Although even when I write this I duck my head knowing my grandpa would shake his head with my thinking so.
    Hope you are well and your home won’t be damaged.



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