For sale, Chinese only need apply.

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The owner exhibits a explicit sign in the window of the shop just a stone’s throw from the Frari church. It’s the umpteenth store closing in Venice. This one’s a bit unconventional though: the words also appear in Chinese, or at something that resembles it. Everyone knows Chinese regularly buy out businesses and turn them into trinket bazaars [they’re rarely so actively targeted, though].

Come ‘n get it, boys…

3 thoughts on “For sale, Chinese only need apply.

  1. Murissa Maurice

    Wow, I never knew that so many stores have been closing in Venice.
    I spoke with a bar tender who talked about how expensive it was to own and work in Venice since usually people have to live off the island.

    The Wanderfull Traveler

  2. Geiko

    I can speak a little Mandarin, and I confirm that the text is written in Chinese, it says ???? zhuan3rang4dian4mian4, i.e., “conveyancing shop”. However, I don’t understand what’s written below those four characters: is it a drawing? something written in korean or another language?


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