Introducing Grapehops Gastro-tours

When Shannon Essa and Kim Riemann “met” online ten years ago, it was love at first write. Love for travel, for the enjoyment of the cuisines of the world, and of the wines — and beers — that accompany them. Now, they have transformed that passion into a tour company with a twist: Grapehops takes small groups around Europe — including Venice — always keeping local food, wine, and beer at the forefront.

Kim & Shannon invite you come with them to visit parts of Venice the casual traveler would never see, as you eat and drink your way through the city like a local (Shannon lived in Venice for a year and is the co-author of Chow, Venice!) — while leaving all the headache-y parts of your travel organization to Grapehops.

Welcome Shannon & Kim, and thank you for your support.

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