Welcome, Walks! A new Living Venice sponsor.

Walks Inside Italy are a group of expert, personable guides who have joined forces to offer their services for small group tours in the three most visited cities in Italy: Venice, Florence, and Rome.

The guides of Walks Inside Italy who have degrees in specific studies, and are authorized by the regions they work in — which means they’ve all passed the rigorous, required exams. They’re also Italian (although their English is probably better than yours), and local, which adds yet another dimension on everything you see and experience with them.

The guides of Walks Inside Italy have been bringing insight to travelers for decades, and like nothing better than helping visitors discover the very best their cities and country have to offer. Their small group tour options offer travelers an intimate group tour experience (no umbrellas, thank you) while keeping prices within reach.

Welcome, Walks! Grazie for sponsoring LivingVenice.

2 thoughts on “Welcome, Walks! A new Living Venice sponsor.

  1. Murissa Maurice

    What a very cool idea!
    I found that getting lost in Venice was a wonderful way to see the city. Luckily we had a map just in case but we welcomed the experience of being swept up in an unfamiliar, charming and historical city.

    The Wanderfull Traveler

    1. Living Venice Post author

      Getting lost is inevitable, and fun. But more than a paper guide, more than a podcast or audio guide, a private human guide can illuminate and add dimension to a world you will otherwise have never known. A mix of both wandering and widening your horizons with a good guide can make for an even more memorable trip.


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