Biennale Bites

The ACTV vaporetto strike challenged journalists who arrived from all over the world to attend a wave of inaugurations that washed over the city today, anticipating the official three-days of previews beginning tomorrow at the Giardini and Arsenale. If today was any indication, ILLUMInations, the 54th edition of the Arte Biennale may bring new meaning to the term “stimulus overload.” Below are some sneak peeks at the glorious Prada restoration and exhibition at the Palazzo Corner della Regina and the Fabre exhibition at the Scuola Misericordia; do stay tuned for more Biennale Bites during the upcoming week.


One thought on “Biennale Bites

  1. Murissa Maurice

    very excited to see the rest of your images and read more about the Biennale!
    I went to Venice last year and alas no Biennale but fell in love with the city. I studied art history there and am going back next year to do the internship at the Guggenheim — fingers crossed–

    The Wanderfull Traveler


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