Biennale Bites – recap, Day 3

The last preview day was Friday, and the air was considerably more relaxed. Took in more both at the Giardini and in the Arsenale…and managed to catch Best Artist Golden Lion winner Christian Marclay’s “The Clock” before running to a author preview at the new cafe at the Serra greenhouse. Basta for now, although there is much more to see of the Biennale and other shows running concurrently — including the one at the Fortuny that a friend described as the best she’s ever seen there — now that’s saying a lot.

The 54th Biennale opened to the public as of June 4th and will be around until the 27th of November — plenty of time even for off-season travelers. Outside the official venues there are free exhibitions sprinkled throughout palaces, scuole, ex-churches, hotels and businesses in Venice — you can’t help but run into them.

Although art pros from critics to collectors to curators will have lots to say about the composition and creation of this year’s Biennale, there’s something for everyone — see for yourself until November 27.


2 thoughts on “Biennale Bites – recap, Day 3

  1. Murissa Maurice

    Thanks for the great coverage of the Biennale. I am sure it can get exhausting covering as much as you have.
    I was wondering, do you know of any good places to stay for around a month in Venice with a small kitchen – my budget is around $2500 Canadian/American. I am not looking for any miraculous or luxurious places. I don’t want to stay too far from the Academia Bridge.
    Any help would be appreciated!

    The Wanderfull Traveler

  2. Living Venice Post author

    Sure, just check the APTS listings in the Lodgings sections of “Friends and Favorites” in the menu above.


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