Story of Ester Exhibition, Palazzo Grimani

Veronese descends on Palazzo Grimani

After a long, complex restoration, these spectacular canvases that normally soar overhead in Chiesa San Sebastiano have been brought down to earth at Palazzo Grimani until July 24.

Story of Ester Exhibition, Palazzo Grimani

A must, must see.

Cupola, Palazzo Grimani, Venezia

The Palazzo Grimani, unique in the city for construction and style (more Roman that Venetian, really) is a site too rarely seen by the first-time traveler, but one that should be at the top of any returning visitor’s list. The palace is unusual not only for its style, but also in that it does not host large permanent art collection — which the building’s unusual (for Venice) architectural features are in primo piano, brought to the fore.

The absence of a large art collection also makes the Grimani the ideal display case for temporary exhibits like the one there now, Veronese’s The Story of Ester Revealed. Until they are once again reinstalled in their original position on the ceiling of the San Sebastiano Church — which is chock full of other Veronese works and where the artist himself is buried — each of these three magnificent canvases occupies its own room, lit perfectly to highlight the over two-year restoration directed by Giulio Manieri Elia and funded by Save Venice.

The process of the restoration is introduced in a video on the piano nobile, and highlighted in illustrated panels created for each canvas…but you could remain in total ignorance of Veronese, Ester, Grimani and all the rest and still be wowed by these magnificent works.

Veronese exhibition, Palazzo Grimani, Venice

Veronese, The Story of Ester

Museo di Palazzo Grimani?
Ramo Grimani 4858, Castello (off the Ruga Giuffa below Campo Santa Maria Formosa)

Thru July 24, 2011

Mon 9 – 2pm
Tue – Sun, 9am -7pm
Ticket office closes 4 minutes prior

€7, €5 reduced

Info: +39  041-520 0345


5 thoughts on “Veronese descends on Palazzo Grimani

  1. Murissa Maurice

    Lovely works! I love the shot of detail of the fingers and the delicate gold lace. It is wonderful to be able to get up close to such great works and see the intricate detail rather than just the whole image. Thank you for sharing!

    The Wanderfull Traveler

  2. annie

    Très intéressante exposition sur cette restauration minutieuse . Le palais découvert lors d’un séjour au mois se mai est magnifique

  3. Liz Makrauer

    On behalf of everyone at Save Venice, I thank you for including this fantastic exhibition on your blog. I hope everyone will try to see these canvases before they go back up on the ceiling on San Sebastiano!

    1. Living Venice Post author

      It’s such a rare opportunity, and such a treat! The Grimani is the perfect venue, too. I’ll being going back, you can be sure…


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