Automated Ticketing replaces booths at selected Vap stops

Purchase vaporetto tickets and retrieve Venice Connected discount passes 24/7


Automatic ticketing machines that allow purchase of vaporetto tickets, topping up of credit on iMob cards, and retrieval of Venice Connected discount transit passes with the requisite PNR have been present until now at the main entrances to the city, including the train station and Piazzale Roma. Since January 1st, however, four new machines have replaced the manned booths at each of the vaporetto stops below:

  • Ca d’Oro
  • San Tomà
  • Zattere
  • Arsenale

These automatic machines have touch screens, speak a number of languages, and accept cash, credit or debit card payments, making them much more convenient than long-lined manned booths. The machines’ placement throughout the city is added convenience if you arrive by water taxi or the private Alilaguna, and would prefer to retrieve your pass a day later, for example. Whereas until now you were constrained to retrieve your pass at main entrances (airport, Ferrovia, Piazzale Roma) during certain hours, now you can reserve your pass pickup for the day of your choice and pick it up at the nearest ticket machine any time you like. The same goes for regular ticket or pass purchase as well.

Of course, this also means we have even less of an excuse to board without a valid ticket. *sigh*

(Do remember that you must pick up your transport pass on the first day it will be active.)


4 thoughts on “Automated Ticketing replaces booths at selected Vap stops

  1. Living Venice Post author

    Any credit card will work. Mag strip cards cause problems in French automatic machines — they still work in Italy.

  2. Martin

    Hi Nan, do you know whether any ticketing machine is available near railway station in Mestre (also I do not consider Ospedale dell’Angelo as a good pick up point). I have even bought PNR reservation, however I am not sure at all where I can pick them up in the middle of the night after arriving Mestre, or at least buy any sigle ticket. Thanks!

  3. Living Venice Post author

    You will need to get to Venice to pick up your VeniceConnected pass. There are no trains after midnight (otherwise there is a machine at the Venice rail station). You can take a bus from the the Mestre station to Piazzale Roma (number 2) after midnight and use the machine there, or grab a taxi.

    The same machines issue single tickets, passes, and VeniceConnected purchase pickups.


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