welcomes you to Veniceland.

From the folks who brought you Funerale di Venezia

Maybe the turnout wasn’t as thronging as they would have liked, but the folks at definitely made their point — as they always do. They took no prisoners on Sunday morning, November 14th, with Veniceland, their sardonic take on Venice’s seemingly inevitable evolution into a theme park — but softened the blows with an irrepressible sense of irony, and just plain fun. The festivities started at the Erbaria where mouse ears and tails were distributed to all who were willing to don them. The musical flotilla winded its way through the city to Piazzale Roma, where storybook characters and trademark pantegane (rats) disembarked and began incoming visitors at the base of the Calatrava bridge.

Take a second to scan the image below, distributed along with entrance tickets to all who arrived Sunday morning to visit Veniceland, you’ll get the idea.

For a complete view of the festivities, visit the official site,

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Wonder what sti tosi will come up with for us next year…

3 thoughts on “ welcomes you to Veniceland.

  1. John Garrett

    Ciao Nan,
    I am a long-distance member of, but I have my doubts as to the impact of this particular demonstration. “Old news”? “QED”? “Oh look, let’s take the kids there next year…” and maybe even “Thanks for contributing to our advertising campaign” from the folks that encourage the mass of fast-tourism. However it does sound like an entertaining afternoon and I certainly would have been there if I had been in town.
    Saluit, John

  2. Living Venice Post author

    John, I’m not sure whether Venessia expects an impact — but they’ll never be able to resist making their feelings known (in their usual irreverent say) about the current state of affairs. I’m afraid, for anything to change significantly, they’d have to do it daily.

    The map’s pretty funny though, if you look it over closely, and the dot over the I in Veniceland is perfect for the theme park theme, you have to admit.

  3. Mason

    This ultimately is the end result of peak tourism, it’s a grotesque, clambering, revolting machine. It’s awaits all places of the globe, good on you guys for doing something about it.

    I’m a tourist also but we do have to rethink the impact and benefits of tourism for everyone’s sakes.


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