Siòr Rioba Returns

The head of the merchant Rioba — the statue that graces the corner of the Campo dei Mori in Cannaregio, hauled off for sport months ago and reappearing mysteriously in a nearby calle after the whole city threw a massive Facebook fit, was reintroduced this morning to adoring fans in a ceremony of grand fanfare, much applause — and prosecco and cichetti offered by the corner Osteria dei Mori, of course.

The familiar head with the metal nose is once again seated securely atop the Siòr’s shoulders where it belongs. Giovanni Giusto was the stonecutter entrusted with the restoration and reinstallation –  his father and his son (“Three generations of stonecutters,” grinned Giusto) were both there to help commemorate the occasion.

“I had the Siòr in my house,” said Giovanni. “I can’t tell you what that was like. But now I’m proud to have been able to take part in restoring him to his rightful home.”


Many locals who stopped by to help celebrate made sure to reach up and touch Rioba’s prominent iron nose, said to bring good fortune, in fact. Hopefully it will remain there permanently this time, so we can all try our luck when we’re in the neighborhood…

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