Fill up and download at free Wi-Fi cafe

Just a note for travelers to Venice (with apologies for not getting this posted sooner):

There is free Wi-Fi to be had at the cafe Tappa Obbligatoria on the Strada Nova between Campo San Sofia and the calle Ca d’Oro. Free. Just show up and connect.

They also have outdoor seating, great panini and tramezzini sandwiches, a few hot primi, and even a small room in the back for hiding out. So, you can fill up while you catch up.

If anyone discovers any more of these gems, please share.

(By the way, it’s just as “obligatory” to grab a refreshing gelato just down the Strada toward Campo Santi Apostoli on the same side…)

5 thoughts on “Fill up and download at free Wi-Fi cafe

  1. William Thirteen

    waiting for the waterbus at Redentore last week we found an open wi-fi hotspot – though we were unsure if it was purposefully so – and then the waterbus arrived…

    1. Living Venice

      Excellent. I think there are various private networks around town that people don’t protect. You’ll spot the occasional student hunched in a doorway, his face illuminated by a glowing screen…

  2. Cat Bauer

    Nan, the Comune has got free Wi-Fi for residents all over town — Campo San Giovanni e Paolo, Santa Maria Formosa, along the Grand Canal, etc. — it’s also very inexpensive for tourists. I haven’t had a chance to research it.

    1. Living Venice

      They do — sort of. I signed up for the resident-version myself. It almost works…but you know what the flaw is? Once you disconnect and then reconnect, you have to enter your id and password again…it doesn’t remember you (like every other WI-Fi network on the planet). So it’s functional…but cumbersome. 🙁 I have heard that they’re still working on it and that it will be improved in the future…let’s hope so.

      In the meantime, there’s Tappa Obbligatoria with auto-connect… 🙂


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