Snowing Venice

These fat white flakes turned to slush almost immediately, and by Friday will be distant memory, hopefully. In the meantime, we’ll huddle up with a nice bowl of zuppa di lenticchie (lentil soup), pasta e fagiolipolenta con ragù, or, heck, polenta with anything…

Did I mention, it’s March? March?


9 thoughts on “Snowing Venice

  1. marisa

    I love Venice when it snows!!! I have been to Venice at least 10 times and I was fortunate to be there when it snowed only once. It was at night, quiet and the snow crunched when I walked—I loved it. It did not last—but the kids had enough time to build a snowman in Piazza San Marco.

    Some photos from the snow storm:

  2. marisa

    Those photos were taken in February, 2005. The last time I was in Venice (Feb. 2008), it did not snow. it was actually warmer then usual.

    Can’t wait to come back!!!

  3. DMae


    Keep warm Nan. These images remind me of the book I teach in 7th grade, The Thief Lord, by Cornelia Funke. It takes place in Venice in the winter and there is snow.


  4. Mary K

    Oh goodness Nan, what a long winter you’ve had. Early snow in December and now late snow in mid-March. Hoping for a soon to arrive and benign spring for you all.

  5. Cheap Hotels in Venice

    Venice is different in all the seasons and can also be beautiful with the white fluffy/slushy stuff. Sort of washes down the city I’ve always thought. A cleansing of sorts and then comes the return to life, the spring in the eternal circle of life.

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