Please join me in welcoming…Greece!

For this post, we’re not only going beyond Venice, we’re going beyond Italy…

We (author and full-time Athens resident Kat Christofer, distributor Beagle Bay, and Illustrata Press) are pleased as punch to introduce you to our new arrival, Greece: Instructions for Use: The Practical, On-site Assistant for the Enthusiastic (Even Experienced) Traveler. It’s the latest in the Instructions for Use Travel Series which already feature similar, highly-praised “operations manuals” for Italy (by Yours Truly) and France , by Alison Culliford.

greeceifu_cover2009_72x900_shadow.jpgWhether you’re heading to Greece on your dream cruise, to study abroad, for business travel, to explore on your own — even if you’re relocating, Greece: Instructions for Use offers practical, concise, and thorough answers to all your how-to and what-now life-in-Greece questions. Greece: Instructions for Use, along with its sister publications, are not your everyday destination guides. Why? They’re unique in that they

  • concentrate solely on the practical and the cultural info that appears in no other guide.
  • are highly portable (palm-sized and lighter than a cell phone), so they won’t weigh you down.
  • are low-tech: the design helps you flip directly to the road sign, the train station code, the phone number format, or whatever info you need, at the moment you need it.
  • are written by full-time, in-country inhabitants

Let’s face it: when you’re preparing to travel, you have little time and zero frame of reference (not to mention language) to orient yourself to the culture into which you’re about to immerse yourself. Yet this is exactly the information can turn an everyday sojourn into an extraordinary one — maybe even save your traveling relationships when you hit the inevitable bump in the explorational road.

Greece: Instructions for Use by Kat Christofer
from the Instructions for Use Travel Series

ISBN: 978-1-885436-45-0
s distributed by Beagle Bay, Inc.
and available from the online or in-store bookseller of your choice.

Oh, and be sure to visit Kat’s rich web site, — perhaps the most extensive single resource on Greece around.

In the midst of trip preparations? Still making trip decisions? Be sure to download the free PDF, Planning Your Greek (or Italian, or French) Adventure from the Instructions for Use Travel site.

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