Floating Thai Market Moors at the Rialto

thaimkt_5549427.jpgIn another of a series of events being held to commemorate 140 years of diplomatic relations between Italy and Thailand, this weekend the Rialto market will host a Floating Thai Market.

In traditional Venetian boats like caorline and scioponi moored along the riva in front of the Rialto Market, you’ll find all sorts of Thai fruits and vegetables, flowers and other edibles. There’ll also be gazebos where you can sample traditional dishes, local products, and even a massage and other wellness treatments.

WHEN: Saturday and Sunday, July 11 & 12

WHERE: Along the waterfront at the Rialto Markets


The event is being coordinated by the Royal Ambassador of Thailand in collaboration with the Thai Department of Export with offices in Milan, and the Eta Beta Produzioni in Venice.

photo credit: Olivier Meerson


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