Venice Wi-Fi Coverage…

Just received a communication from the press office about the conference held at the Palazzo Labia this morning, outlining just how this whole Wi-Fi thing is going to work. I couldn’t attend, but should be receiving subsequent releases with more details. In the meantime, here’s the map of the projected coverage. Looks like the Grand Canal, major thoroughfares and all principal campi including the Piazza.

I expect that visitors who want to connect will be able to request wireless through where they’ll receive a PNR that they’ll then enter when they attempt access. But I will wait for the next release which should Explain It All For Us.


Lots of questions remain, but…this could be quite a coup should they pull it off.

More to come!

9 thoughts on “Venice Wi-Fi Coverage…

  1. Mary K

    This is looking very exciting – and will certainly open up the options as far as apartment rentals go. Do they have a time-frame for it yet?

    Into full on planning mode as I booked our flights today – arrive on December 13 for nearly a month! Hope we can catch up then.

  2. G F Mueden

    Glad to know you are watching the wifi situation. I had had no reply.

    If you have time, How about the operational condition of the chair lifts? Neither turismovenezia nor informahandicap has been able to say and my spy reports that a erman tourist said that only one worked. I think only Ca’ Farsetti can help. ===gm===

  3. Irene of American in Padua

    I saw the ads this week for that Wi-Fi announcement in Venice and thank you for the extra details. I hope that Padua will do the same soon!
    A group of American students and professors I was working with could have really used it while in Venice for the past three weeks but they left today-next year should be better for them.

  4. Chris M in Texas

    This sounds exciting, but I’m not sure I understand the map. Is the Yellow area where coverage is? If so, it looks like coverage is excellent in the grand canal, but spotty elsewhere? Can that be correct?

  5. nan

    No, it’s really in all the major campi and thoroughfares, mostly, and the Grand Canal. It’s a bit unpredictable, but I don’t know whether it’s my service provider, or my iPhone. I’d be curious on others’ experience.

    It does work though!

  6. Vladimir Kotal

    So, is the PNR used as an access code directly ? The FAQ at is not really helpful in this regard.

  7. nan

    Three days before the day your pass is active (it’s start date), you will receive your ID and password via the e-mail address you supplied to

  8. Vladimir Kotal

    Weird, the only e-mail I got was the one containing the PNR after paying for the order (so this means that the e-mail address I supplied is correct). No other e-mail after that. I hope a visit to one of the venice-connected points will help to fix that.

  9. nan

    I would call now if three days prior to your arrival has passed: +39 041 2424, 8a – 8p. They will be able to help you.


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