Science & Secrets of the Venetian Lagoon

It’s a breath of fresh air, literally.

Far too often, visitors to Venice opt out of a guided tour of any sort. It’s a mistake, I think, as whatever European history we managed to pick up at university we have likely forgot. Even if you’ve brought along a comprehensive guidebook, a good tour can not only bring out the hidden aspects of a place, but enrich the remaining portion of your visit as well. For the extra-curious, there are more creative tours which add yet another dimension to your travels and your knowledge of place. The Science and Secrets of the Lagoon tour offered by Context Travel is one of those.

Traveling in a traditional craft across the lagoon waters that have served as Venice’s sanctuary for centuries, you’ll enjoy this outdoor, on-site seminar on the lagoon, water conditions in and around the city, ecological concerns, past and future works (such as the Mose), and more. You’ll also visit a variety of areas and islands not served by public transport.

See the Context website for a complete description of this tour, but for visuals…the slideshow should give you an idea.

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