Gondola Gals: All woman gondola regata, May 10, 10:30


The Regata delle Palme is an annual event normally held the week before Easter. However, for the first time the field will be comprised of nine gondole, each with an all-female crew. The indominable Gloria Rogliani, una grande campionessa, came up with the idea to combine two campionesse (in bold below) with two esordienti (debutantes, for lack of a better translation), or those with less experience — although even these run the gamut, expertise-wise).

There’s a pre-race ceremony that will take place, at the Ponte di Tre Archi on the Cannaregio Canal. The boats will then head for the starting line at the Madonna dell’Orto (or where the wind direction dictates), for an 11:30-ish start. After the race, the colorful gondole will parade down the Cannaregio Canal.

  • 10:45-ish Ceremony and benediction, Ponte dei Tre Archi
  • 11:30-ish Race start
  • Following: parade down the Cannaregio Canal.

A regata is normally comprised of up to nine boats; each boat number always corresponds to the same color. We’ll all be wearing tee-shirts with the same colors as our boats. Smashing:

bianco.pngBIANCO Francesca Calzavara, Elena Costantini, Gabriella Lazzari, Roberta Fassina


2 – CANARìN Rossana Scarpa, Romina Catanzaro, Adele Scalabrin, Amelia Cocoviola.png

3 – VIOLA Maika Busato, Erika Zane, Laura Riganti, Nicoletta Tussettoceleste.png

4 – CELESTE Gloria Rogliani, Debora Scarpa, Leida Tiozzo, Chiara Scarparosso.png

5 – ROSSO Luisella Schiavon, Giorgia Ragazzi, Sandra Tognatti, Antonella Fassinaverde.png

6 – VERDE Maela Zancan, Elisabetta Nordio, Sibylle Lohausen, Monica Vioarancio.png

7 – ARANCIO Silvia Scaramuzza, Francesca Brotto, Nancy McElroy, Betty Martiniviola.png

8 – VIOLA Luigina Davanzo, Wally Zanella, Serena Testolin, Chiara Curtomaron.png

9 – MARòN Elena Tosi, Valentina Tosi, Elena Almansi, Michela Melloni

Just prior to the race, the captains draw lots for the actual boat positions.

All we need is wonderful weather, the rest will take care of itself. Wish us luck, and remember, we adore fervent applauso!

Many thanks to the Remiera Casteo for the use of their boat graphics!

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