Carciofi, anyone? 3rd Annual Sant'Erasmo Artichoke Festival

The flyer says it all:

  • 3rd annual Festa del Carciofo Violetto di Sant’Erasmo
  • May 10, Sunday
  • 11a – 6p
  • Torre Massimiliana, the Island of Sant’Erasmo
  • Vaporetto stop: Sant’Erasmo Capannone

Just follow the signs. You’ll find local product sales (you can try these at home!), tastings of various types of artichoke dishes, demonstrations of how to prepare and cook these delicacies, and even kids’ workshops.

They even have the vaporetto schedule on the flyer (See below for an enlargement.)

The women’s regata in gondola and artichokes finchè vuoi, as much as you can handle: what a splendid Sunday.

Buon Carciofito!


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