Presenting the Preview

We’re happy to announce the completion of the preview/demo/promo of our documentary-in-progress. We’ll be using this as our “biglietto da visita” as we gather funding…but I have to say the responses so far have been extremely positive, for which we are grateful. There is an Italian version of the preview as well, and the site will be translated into Italian very soon as well.

Beyond the Gondola: Where Hidden Venice Lives from Living Venice on Vimeo.

We’ve added a sidebar link to make it easy to locate the preview in the future. For complete information on the documentary project and to make a contribution, please see

8 thoughts on “Presenting the Preview

  1. Ilmars

    Very impressive and beautiful film. Excellent! As a tourist guide from Latvia leading groups to Italy and Venice, I am interested to see entire film in future.
    Thank you!

  2. MaryK

    Nan, It looks fabulous – really really beautiful. Good luck with it all, and I hope to catch up in December when we’ll be back.

  3. somepinkflowers


    it is wonderful.
    way, way beyond wonderful!

    the colors,
    the music,
    the excitement,
    the strong arms rowing….

    it so makes me
    want to be there rowing.


    {{ you all did so good }}

  4. Bailey Zimmerman

    Nan…I’ve been so busy surviving.
    I took a break today to catch up with you….and what did I find?
    A piece of heaven….so beautifully presented…poetry!!

    My blessings to you a gifted artist!!



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