Venice Connected announces 7-day advance purchase

veniceconnected_calendar.pngJust announced: to more travelers to take advantage of discounts available to those who are planning last minute trips, VeniceConnected has reduced their advance-purchase requirement to only 7 days. Many people plan months ahead, but for those who find a last-minute flight at an irresistible price, this makes a Venetian visit that much more irresistible…and affordable. For details, visit

4 thoughts on “Venice Connected announces 7-day advance purchase

  1. Sue Barbera

    I am trying to purchase on Venice Connected, however, I keep getting all the way to the end and it says “payment denied.” Do I need to create an account first? If so, how do I do this? I called them. but they just told me to keep trying. I have sent 3 e-mails, but have not received any response. Please help!

  2. nan

    I don’t see where to create an account. I just selected the services I want, add them to the cart, click checkout, fill in my personal information, and it takes me to the transaction processer that handles payment.

    This is not a VeniceConnected company, but a separate payment processor, and could be where your problem currently lies, if the message you’re getting is being issued by them.

    Again, it may be a temporary problem, but VeniceConnected would have the most information.

    I’m sure it will work out…give it til tomorrow, or even later today if you’re not leaving in the next week.


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