The Gondola Girls

On the 10th of May in the afternoon, there will be ten gondolas that instead of carrying contented travelers through calm canals, will course colorfully across the lagoon, each with a crew of four women determined to ciapàr bandiera, bring home the bacon.

Gathering to have their photo taken for the local rag, the Gazzettino, these ebullient women, whether young and not-so-young, whether expert, novice, or enthusiast, are thinking of nothing other than blistering past all their competitors in the first-ever all-woman race in gondola. I’ll be rowing in one alai, or in the second position of the four with two campionesse and two, ehm, appassionate (If I manage not to collapse mezza regata I will consider the event a personal success).


8 thoughts on “The Gondola Girls

  1. nan

    Hi, Let me gather some specifics and post them for you. If you don’t see anything by Monday, remind me again…please. 🙂

  2. John

    Didn’t see the follow-up specifics on start place, time, route, finish for the 10th May regatta. Would love to see it.


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