Tanti auguri a te: Venice is 1588 years old today


To commemorate Venice’s 1588th birthday, there will be an important program today at 16:30 in the Palazzo Ducale, in the Sala dello Scutinio. However, the Coordinamento of Voga Rowing Clubs are not letting this occasion pass without organizing their own extraordinary celebration. They’ll be towing the Serenissima up-river to Cremona, then rowing downstream for 36 hours straight to arrive in the lagoon at Chioggia on Sunday morning, row across the barrier islands and Pellestrina to Lido, and enter the Bacino to some well-deserved fanfare.

Should the weather hold, there’ll be a host of oar-powered craft to accompany and receive the Serenissima on its reentry.

So, keep your eyes peeled for this grand entrance, and give these proud, exhausted rowers an enthusiastic reception.

Once again, Happy Birthday, Venezia! You don’t look a day over 1488…

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