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“Living Venice” is still the title of my blog. I’d like to announce, however, that Fulbright scholar Shawn Keener and I have officially established a cultural organization under the same name, dedicated to exploring, documenting, celebrating the authentic Venetian character and culture of yesterday and today.

Shawn and I believe that, for all that has been said and written about Venice, there remains an abundance of valuable stories to be told — above all, stories to be told by Venetians’ own words, rather than reported by its interpreters. Our mission is to create quality visual and aural documentary projects that bring the personal narratives of the lived experience of Venice and its lagoon to an international audience, through media works of lasting educational, cultural, and artistic value.

Our first project is the motion picture documentary, Voga alla Veneta: the Cradle of Venezianità. Beyond the image of the famous gondola, the voga is the element that unites today’s Venice with that of its origins. The documentary will explore the many facets of the rich culture that surrounds this unique rowing style born in the Venetian lagoon over 1000 years ago and made famous by the iconic gondolier. We are rowers ourselves, and have already done a great deal of research on the story of the voga: its origins, its integral role in the Venice throughout the city’s history, its near disappearance at the onset of the motorboat traffic, and its struggle, both physical and cultural, to survive today. The voga remains the only unbroken thread tying today’s Venice to that of its origins: ss Giovanni Giusto, president of the Coordinamento Associazione Remiere puts it, “as long as we row, true Venice lives.”



There are a number of additional projects under development, including a narrative film and written works. For more information, please see the new dedicated web site,

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Living Venice is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions in behalf of Living Venice may be made payable to Fractured Atlas, and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

5 thoughts on “Living Venice Blog Broadens its Horizons

  1. John Garrett

    Ciao Nan,
    A good project. Venice does seem to be alive, moving forward, while Florence seems to be more of a museum of the past. Part of this is the welcome Venice gives to modern art, for example the Biennale. Voga alla veneta and the various ‘rower’s pride’ events must also go a long way towards maintain a sense of Venetian identity. So, brava, and yes, I contributed.
    A vederci uno giorno, John

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    I am a lover of the city of Venice and love to read about the city. Your project is wonderful and this site is full of interesting reading. I had my first cappuccino and my first date in Venice! And the architecture and history are stunning.
    Venice has got to be the most romantic and beautiful city in the world. Thank you for this site, Veraz.

  3. Anthony

    As a venetian absent for decades from my beloved city, I applaude your enterprise and support wholeheartedly your efforts to keep its traditions alive!

    Venice still pays for not wanting to be part of a united Italy under the house of Savoy.

  4. Cara De Silva

    Nan–I am really happy to have news of this, as a lover of Venice, as a writer, and, of course, as a friend. The blog will be wonderful, and it will be different than anyone else’s. (I don’t know Shawn Keener, but if you are partnering with her, I am sure she is terrific.) Delighted, in New York. Cara


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