Waders and Wellies

Stivali - 1

Not that we expect another historic flood tomorrow, but as a result of not being able to get out of the house on Monday because the water was higher than my Wellie-height boots, I am now on the hunt for a pair of waders. These will also come in handy in case I ever want to masquerade as a fly fisherman, or, should I ever have the opportunity to scavenge for peoci (much more likely).

Stopped in yesterday at the hardware store (as they’d be more likely to stock waders than a shoe store), expecting them to be sold out as of Monday, and of course, they were. They gave me suggestions as to other places to check that would also be sold out. Arrivano ancora? I asked. “No, we won’t get anymore.” Fine. OK, we’re in the first month of high-water season, and we are out of boot stock with none on the way. Another customer, an older gentleman, chuckled.

There’s a saying in Venetian, he said, and translated it into Italian for me, just in case. “Fanno come vogliano: il tempo, i cani, e i padroni.” They do as they please: the weather, dogs, and proprietors.

If you’re in giro and you spot any waders, would you let me know? Sarei molto grata…I’d be very grateful!

[Found ’em: Al Botegon on Via Garibaldi, on the right just before the park entrance.]

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