Stay away – don't – stay away – don't stay away!

Somebody said that somebody said that Mayor Cacciari said that people should stay away from Venice, “for some incomprehensible reason tied to some presumed danger.”

He intended it, evidently, for those few hours when we were up to our earlobes in the marea, and the city was just struggling to address the situation. He didn’t really mean it as a long-term sort of command, and is calling for some sort of companion press releases in English to help avoid the situation in the future.

“Far be it from me and any intention I have to invite who-knows-who not to come to Venice; and even worse, to over-drammatize the situation.”

I translated his comments, of course.

5 thoughts on “Stay away – don't – stay away – don't stay away!

  1. Phil & Maggie

    As the post suggests “don’t believe everything you read in the press”. We are spending Christmas 24-27th Dec in Venice and very much looking forward to our visit. Can anyone suggest where to dine on Christmas Day?

  2. Sarah Cutler

    Hmm, I’m coming to Venice tonight, Acqua Alta or not and can’t wait! Have packed boots so hope to be fine!
    Venice in the winter time is unbeatable even with the floods!

    Anyone know what the forecast is for tomorrow and the weekend please? Thanks.

  3. nan

    Acqua is not alta, but its chilly!

    No need to bring boots, your lodging will supply them.

    See links to the right under Friends & Favorites for weather forecasts (Weather and High Water). Looks like a bit of rain and fog in the next few days…forse


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