Acqua alta, tanta, e spesso.

High water is already forecast for the next several days, take a look for yourself.


They’re not history-making levels, but high enough to complicate things for plenty of people. The worst seems to be working up to midnight on Thursday. (Stay apprised of the forecast by checking the Weather & High Water links under Friends & Favorites on the right.)

If you’re already in the city, just check on your lodging’s supply of boots, or grab any pair that appeals to you for yourself while you’re in giro. Do get the sturdier gear: the wimpy, gelatinous things are cheap, but slide easily (and that water’s cold, I assure you).

I just registered to be alerted by SMS in advance of acqua alta, and I’ll be listening for the new, science-fiction sirens. Looks like I may have need for those waders I managed to acquire, manco mal…

Tieni dura, Venezia. Hang tough, Venice.

2 thoughts on “Acqua alta, tanta, e spesso.

  1. G F Mueden

    The Danieli says that the event “has not impacted our guests in any way.”
    I goes without saying that Danieli guests can walk on water.


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