Venite numerosi! (Come one, come all.)

Chiesa_Visitazione_Artigianelli.jpgWHAT: Inaugural concert featuring the Pergolesi Stabat Mater

WHEN: 7p, Friday, 31 Oct

WHERE: Chiesa degli Artigianelli
(Santa Maria della Visitazione), alle Zattere

WHO: Sara Bardino, Cristina Bertoldo,
a Fenice chamber orchestra, female-voice choir (I’ll be nestled among the soprani), all directed by Marco Paladin.


Una Nuova Via Crucis for the Church of Santa Maria della Visitazione (or Chiesa degli Artigianelli), is a exhibition of contemporary sacred art. The exhibition is being held from Oct 31st ’til Nov 15th, but its opening is being heralded with a conference at 16.00, and an inauguration of the Via Crucis, 16 canvases donated by the Associazione Centro dell’arte, at 18.00.

At 7:00 pm, there will be a concert of the Pergolesi Stabat Mater along with the Rossini Quis est Homo (just for contrast).

The intimate, Rennaissance church (which has quite an involved history, but is the precursor to its neighbor, the opulent Gesuati), makes an ideal setting to experience this extraordinarily evocative work. You can also take the time to review the exhibition, explore the cloisters within, which are also connected to the Artigianelli religious cultural and conference center and lodging.

The music program lasts about an hour, and if you’ve never heard the Pergolesi Stabat Mater, I can only recommend that you prendere l’occasione…seize this opportunity.

Ci vediamo lì, allora?


The church is located directly in front of the Zattere vaporetto stop. You can also reach it from the Accademia Bridge, just head straight for the Zattere. The entrance to the Artigianelli Cultural Center will be on the right (you can reach the church from inside) before you reach the Gesuati church, otherwise turn right at the Zattere and you’ll find the church just ahead on the right.

For more information about the event, location, and concert, call 041 522 4077.

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