Prosecco passito? Che sorpreso!

By now, the popularity of Prosecco has propelled this unpretentious potation to international fame, to the delight of producers and enthusiasts alike. But Prosecco passito? Who knew!

At dinner with friends, it’s not unusual to have a specific wine chosen to accompany dessert (a Barolo, for it’s glorious reputation, would va molto male, for example.) A nice vin santo, a pleasing Picolit, or even Barolo Chinato (perfect for pairing with chocolate, for example), would be a welcome accompaniments to any dolce. But Prosecco? Fermo? Passito?

Well I never. And it’s just grand. Who knew? Can’t wait to try it on friends alla cieca at the next dinner and see if they can guess what it is!

Here’s the one we had (they produce a passito of Marzemino and Verdiso too, along with a series of Prosecco spumantizzato):

Vicenzo Toffoli, Refrontolo Conegliano

1 thought on “Prosecco passito? Che sorpreso!

  1. Joanna

    Amazing! Can’t quite imagine it, but doubtless it will be appearing in wine merchants here at £20 a bottle in time for Christmas




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