Venice Connected: Getting Closer

venice-connected1.jpgThey sound so confident…I hope they know of that which they speak.

I just ran across an excellent new (beta) site focusing on contemporary Venice (yes, there is one). Ben trovato, veneziadavivere. I’ve always like the pub, now it’s virtual. Uuu-ra! (They have an entry for the Festa della Sensa that we’re rowing in tomorrow. I’m happy they still consider that contemporary.)

They also have an article talking about Venice Connected, an expansive project for wiring (or wi-fi-ring, you might call it) Venice with an informational network that provide anyone with up-to-the-minute city info and booking of transportation, lodging, events, restaurants, attractions, and access to public wi-fi, etc, but that will also be available via regular Internet. There will be discounts available to those who plan their visit on days when the city is less crowded, which will be indicated on the network. The Wi-fi seems such a logical option, the city is nothing if not compact; although network will be deployed along the main routes. This is a beta map

(I do have horror, I’ll admit, of mobs of tourists planting themselves on bridges or bumping into one another as the stare into tiny tel screens to get their updates).

Logic would be only part of what it would take to implement this in the end, however…I only hope the rest fall into place. If it works as projected, and people take advantage of it, it could be such a help to the city and its visitors, both.

Spring of 2009, they say. Sarà da vedere…

2 thoughts on “Venice Connected: Getting Closer

  1. Jessica

    Thanks for sharing this link! I think it’s so important to have places where contemporary Venice can be pushed to the forefront, as it’s vital to keeping the city fresh in my opinion. I’ll keep my fingers for the Wi-Fi as well…lord knows we’re still waiting for something comprehensive to hit Rome.


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