Hello, Venezia.


For some time, HelloVenezia has been a good resource for Fenice and Malibran seasons and ticket purchase, major event info, the VeniceCard, and ACTV transportation. Their main number, +39 041 2424, has always had help available in Italian and English, but now, so does the web site. Despite from some curious translations (“Delivery” for “Departure” in the vaporetto timetable search), it makes a good place to start when you have questions concerning any of the above topics. To access the English version of the website, just look for the flag at the right in the top nav section. HelloVenezia is available by phone at the above number from till 8p.

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    Per cortesia,vorrei 2 biglietti(palco centrale,1a-2a o 3a fila,posti di parapeto)per lo spettacolo NABBUCO di Verdi alle date 22 0ppure 24 Ottobre.
    Gracie tante


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