Venice film archive: il freddo del '29.

I was afraid this footage that Marisa passed along wasn’t getting enough visibility…although looking closer, this youtube user has a begun posting a series of Venetian archival film, and it’s just marvelous (just look how calm that water is). This is from when vaporetti were vapor-powered?

6 thoughts on “Venice film archive: il freddo del '29.

  1. John Clarke

    That’s marvellous. I look forward to seeing more. There was some archive footage featured in Francesco Da Mosto’s ‘Venice’ tv series and it was so evocative to see – like something from another world. And the tourist hats in the old days were much more stylish and sensible!

  2. marisa

    My favorite part is the guy walking out to the ship frozen in the ice at the end. It must have been very cold to freeze the canals like that—BRRRRRRR

  3. nan

    Have you seen the Gabriel Bella paintings at the Querini Stampalia? He’s not a Venetian Master, but a master chronicler who painted a series of scenes from Venice’s past…including one from when the canals froze that features joyful skaters sashaying to and fro just off the Fondamente Nove.

    There’s one room dedicated to these chronicle-type paintings, that include tennis in the court on Calle della Racheta, festivals in San Polo, i cortegiani along the Fondamenta della Sensa, and numerous Piazza events). They’re great fun.

  4. marisa

    I haven’t seen them but will check them out when I return in February.

    I love coming in February–it’s cold and empty of most tourists and I feel like I have some of my favorite spots to myself.


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