1, 2, 3. Finalmente.

On January 21st, Line 82 will become Line 2, keeping the same stops and schedules. Line 1 and 2 are now the two lines that traverse the Grand Canal. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Actually, they will be Line 1, Line 2, and the new Line 3, with Line 3 being reserved for use by those in possession of a CartaVenezia or Tessera di Abbonamento. Either of these will now set you back a healthy €40 for a new issue, with tickets and passes to be purchased in addition to that. If you hadn’t picked up yours for the original €10, you have unfortunately missed the boat. I wonder whether this is in reaction to too many tourists opting for the Abbonamento instead of the VeniceCard or regular hourly passes (I’m just gossiping, of course; I have nothing remotely official to support my suspicions). With this rate hike, though, it’s certainly no longer economical to opt for an Abbonamento unless you are truly a frequent visitor or here for a long stay.

The new Line 3, which will depart every 20 minutes from Piazzale Roma, has been created principally for those arriving daily from the mainland to work in Venice. It will cover the same stops as Line 1, and end at San Marco. You can distinguish these craft both by the number, and the blue bow…fiocco azzuro, the color that will be associated with all the information available for the line and schedules. New schedules will be available January 19…just in time for Carnevale…or you can download one here. This will evidently add seven new vaporetti to the Grand Canal traffic, it’s this fact that gives me pause: that’s what we need, more waves on the Grand Canal. So much for the voga until after 8p.

There was a ridiculous lamentation for “the poor tourist” over this new line recently in the London Herald Trib. Macchè. The “poor tourist” will have at least one vaporetto departing Piazzale Roma every ten minutes, certainly enough to get them where they want to go. It’s just that now, when a group of travelers’ enormous luggage blocks the front seats that are meant for the elderly, the former will be spared the disapproving looks of the Venetian vecie (and perhaps an accompanying schiaffo or two delivered by same. Manca mal).

Don’t forget, if you have any questions about the vaporetto, lines, tickets, and All Things ACTV during your visit, never hesitate to call HelloVenezia at +39 041 2424.

4 thoughts on “1, 2, 3. Finalmente.

  1. Mary Klestadt

    Nan….Any idea on how they’re going to sort out who is and isn’t allowed onto the new number 3? I have visions of mass confusion on crowded vaporetto stops.

  2. nan

    Looks like, at least at the busier stops like P.Roma, the station, and the Rialto, they’re doing a good job of separating the docks where 1 and 2 are boarded, from that of the 3, which should help.

    We shall see how things go as we get further into the season…or during Carnevale.


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