Viva le donne: la Voga Verace.

Gondola, schmondola. Last Sunday, September 29th, the Remiera Cannaregio held their first ever all-woman regata for its own members, le Donne NeroVerde (thus the green shirts). I didn’t feel confident enough to participate, and although I regret it, I would never have gotten these great pics to share with the gang if I had. The majority are not pros, or agoniste — heck, we’re not even Seria B — although you’ll easily spot the more experienced among them. They are instead enthusiasts in the truest sense of the word, as you’ll see by the looks on their faces. Che divertimento.

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We’ll have to find another photographer the next time though, perchè la prossima volta, ci sarò anch’io (I am so there)!

If you’d rather, just scan the photos in the gallery below:


(Music credit: “Alegria” from Cirque de Soleil).

12 thoughts on “Viva le donne: la Voga Verace.

  1. marisa

    Wow, love the photos—and the music is a nice accompaniment. Who is the artist?

    As a photographer, I wish I could be there next year. The rowing looks very serious, not for the faint of heart. Auguri a Tutti!!

  2. John Clarke

    Looks too much like hard work for me!
    ( Unrelated question – what on earth is that scaffolding beside the Campanile for?? )

  3. nan

    It is hard…but very rewarding.

    Haven’t the vaguest idea about the scaffolding – I get so used to everything being draped with it I barely even notice any more (except the Salute…every time). I do think the work has been completed on the Chiesa di San Zaccaria, spotted its facade from the Campanile di San Giorgio the other day. I hope so, that’s been a missing link for a long time, and one of my favorite church facades. Will have to confirm…

  4. Jeni

    Hi Nan…I’m trying to use your “contact” tab and it is not working, nor are your other tabs. Not sur if it is my computer or your site. I wanted to email you with some specific Venice questions, but I can’t find your email now. If you can, please drop me a line.

  5. nan

    John, I was just by the Piazza, it looks like they’ll be doing some restoration on all three of the flagstaffs in front of the Basilica. Former Venetian ship’s masts, they are, I believe…so they’re proabably due.

  6. John Clarke

    Ah, so that’s what all the scaffoling is for? This and my beloved Salute covered in scaffolding – wow. Venetian scaffolders must be among the richest of the rich! I didn’t know the flagstaffs were masts. Pity they can’t find a decent use for all that space at the Arsenale. ( In my fantasy, I see it as a landing area for Zeppelins. Zeppelins are due for a comeback ).

  7. Venice wedding photographer

    Wow, i was there for a wedding shooting but I was so tired and concentrated in my work that I did not take pictures of the regata.


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