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  1. Dawn

    p.s. that’s not what I meant! I am new to the computer and am going to Italy next month. I want to know where I find out about: travelling by car from Verona to Tuscany. Where should we visit (I am just 60 and my friend the same age) – I am from Vancouver and she is from Sydney – we originally came from London and are meeting up there after 40 years. We are travelling to Milan from Budapest and will then go to Verona and back to Milan. Can you suggest where to go in between (we have 5 days) and will rent a car. Where should we stay that is reasonably priced. Where should we eat? We are very young for our age and like to have dinner, wine, fun and lots of laughter. Pleae email me at my email address and try to fill me in. I think we arrive in Milan September 23 (should we stay the night there or not?), I want to see Venice (suggestions), Tuscany, Cinque Terre and most of all the local Italian people in not so well know places. Thank you for any information you can provide. We like to eat, drink and see local markets and historial sites.

  2. nan

    Oh, dear. I’m a writer and publisher, not a travel consultant! You may want to consider one though, as they can save you lots of research time and answer many specific questions.

    For the questions you have, I would suggest you go immediately to the Italy sections of slowtrav.com and slowtalk.com and start reviewing the site (which also has a travel forum where you can post specific questions and get expert feedback), along with classifieds for some travel consultants as well. You will also want to invest in a few travel guides…best bet is to head for a bookstore and peruse till you find something that seems to address your needs. All of them have associated web sites as well.

    You’ll definitely want to pick up at least one copy of Italy: Instructions for Use 😉 Just click on the cover at the top of the right hand column.

    Buon viaggio!

  3. John Clarke

    europeforvisitors.com is another useful website for travel tips and suggestions. I found it very handy for planning my first trip to Italy. Oh, and if you are going to Venice, Dawn, eat at Osteria Vivaldi at least once. I’ve had such good food and experience there, I promised myself I’d recommend it to everyone! 🙂

  4. nan

    Thanks, John. Durant Imboden does an excellent job, and I was delighted when he gave the Instructions two thumbs-up when it was first published (or were you referring to James Martin’s site? FYI, italyinstructions.com is being revised as we speak, and once the format is set, the recommendations and resources will be aggiornati and relocated there (but linked from here). I’ve heard Vivialdi’s undergoing some changes…I’ll try find out and if there’s nothing substantial, will include them as well.

  5. John Clarke

    Oh, I like Vivaldi’s as it is! I know Venice is a living city but I like it all as it is! Easy for me to say of course, when I don’t have to live there.

    It was indeed Durant’s site I was referring to. A man in an oversized beret is a man to be trusted.


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