Two concertini gratis: Handel, Bellini, and Donizetti at the Scuola Grande di San Teodoro

Concerti San Teodoro I am forever being asked for suggestions on where to find non-tourist Venice. My usual reply is that unfortunately it can be very difficult, especially if you don’t speak Italian. However, if you’re willing for an evening to go outside your Four Seasons comfort zone…

A group of soloists who study with mezzo-soprano Sara Bardino (with vocal direction and accompaniment by Davide Sibilla, and additional consultation from Baroque expert Alessandra Borin) are offering two concerts gratis on Thursday the 21st and Monday the 25th of June at 8:30p. It’s true, we’re not professionals, anzi; but we’re all locals (I’m one of only two foresti, Rostislav is from the Ukraine) who are serious about singing. Non c’è male, we’re not bad, actually, and these are selections you’ll rarely have the opportunity to hear in any other venue in the city.

Thursday, June 21st, 8:30p: Crudeltà nè lontananza. (Neither cruelty nor absence…) These are less-often performed Handel Arcadian duets. Ornate (as is all baroque) and just delightful, they’ll subito transport you back to the era of unrequited love (Non! Di voi non vo’ fidarmi…). You may want to don a mask and carry your most alluring fan should you become caught up in the moment and feel impelled to signal an intriguing stranger of a secret, amorous intent (this is Venice, after all).

Monday, June 25th, 8:30p: I palpiti e i sospiri (Sighs and Palpitations). We’ll contrast the previous baroque inventions with an evening of Bel Canto, a wide variety of soaring arias and duets by and about Bellini to Donizetti, Romeo to Norma. No fans required…perhaps a cape, or a monocle, should you feel inspired to try and blend into the opulent San Teodoro ambience.

The Scuola Grande di San Teodoro is located in Campo San Salvador, just off the Rialto and Campo San Bartolomeo on the San Marco side. Both concerts are from 1h30 – 1h40 in length. Speriamo di vedervi (We hope to see you)!

Sì, fino all’ore, all’ore estreme…

2 thoughts on “Two concertini gratis: Handel, Bellini, and Donizetti at the Scuola Grande di San Teodoro

  1. Roz

    Alas! We will be in Venice only from the 16th to the 19th… otherwise I would have most certainly come to listen to you.

  2. nan

    Ah, the two-day Venice stay! It means only that you must return (for Venice, of course).

    Thanks, though; it would have been nice to have you.


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