Alilaguna Arancia line extending to Rialto, Sant’Angelo.


The ticket booth at the vaporetto stop at Carbon down just from the Rialto is coming back to life, being spruced up to herald the arrival of the extension of Alilaguna’s Arancia (orange) from the darsena at Marco Polo Airport, which already connects Murano and the Guglie stop on the Canale Cannaregio. The schedule’s been posted: boats will depart there from 8a to 5p, taking you to Murano in about 30 minutes for €6, or arriving at the Airport in about an hour for a €12 fare. The Arancia line will also service the Sant’Angelo stop, about 5 minutes further down the Canale toward San Marco, much handier to Campo Santo Stefano and nearby lodging. Check the Alilaguna website for complete information.

This is interesting as these are sizable boats, unusually so for the Grand Canale, and yet another to add to the casino already present at the Rialto between taxis, delivery boats, gondolas, and so on. The booth does not sell vaporetto tickets however, for that you’ll have to mosey across the small bridge to the principal booths at the Line 1 & 2 stops nearer the Rialto.


(Please note: Alilaguna is a private company, and fares are separate to those included in your ACTV navigation pass or Venicecard, and are not discounted. That also means that Alilaguna service is not affected by public transit strikes, however.)

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