Che t'aggia fa…whaddya gonna do?

Venetian video, this? Macchè! But ragazzi, they don’t make ’em any better, anywhere. Grand, veteran cantanti Mina and Adriano Celentano portray a couple of animated fowl with some touchy domestic issues: she can’t cook, and until he puts a little more effort into the bedroom department, she ain’t learnin’, either. Italian language students, listen for the “southern” accent; and see if you can spot at least one take-off on a famous Mastroianni-Loren film scene…

It gets more enjoyable every time you watch it…credimi.

Can’t see it above? Try this link:

2 thoughts on “Che t'aggia fa…whaddya gonna do?

  1. Dale

    Che t’aggia di’? = What must I tell you?

    Che t’aggia fà? = What must I do to/for you?

    it is Neapolitan.


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